Code of Conduct

In GLOBE S.A. and its subsidiaries, we promote an organizational culture of integrity based on consistent values that must be applied to the work developed.

To achieve this objective, we make available to our employees and stakeholders a series of documents, manuals and policies that guide the transparent, ethical and professional behavior of employees, directors and executives, being the proper conduct of the members of the company one of the pillars of our performance.

Compliance with the corporate values and principles established in our Code of Conduct is strengthened by the collaboration of third parties, for which a whistleblower channel has been created. Through this channel, support may be requested in the event of ethical dilemmas that are faced and in which there is no clarity on how to proceed. This tool allows doubts and/or complaints to be raised in a secure manner, maintaining confidentiality or anonymity if required.

Ethics Code
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Complaint Form

If you wish to file a complaint, please fill out the following form, you may leave your identity and contact information blank if you wish to remain anonymous.
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